Since 2019, Ceolini has been committed to responsible forest management.

We aim to ensure that all of the wooden panels used comply with FSC certification.

What is FSC certification ?

FSC certification is a tool, based on market requirements, which aims to promote responsible forest management worldwide. Products from FSC certified forests are controlled from their origin, throughout the manufacturing process and until their distribution. The FSC label makes it possible to guarantee that the products used come from resources that are controlled and harvested in a

Our "Principles and Criteria" describe how forests can be managed to meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations.

Developed during a solid process and taking into account multiple stakeholders, this protocol meets both management constraints and social and environmental requirements.

The FSC principles and criteria can be applied to all the world's forests through FSC certification through three main areas of activity:
• Standards development
• Accreditation program
• Registered trademark insurance

FSC certification also allows businesses, organizations, associations and communities to demonstrate their commitment to responsible forest management alongside FSC, and their willingness to find a solution that is in keeping with the FSC spirit.

Our FSC certified panels :


Our goal for the future is to have 100% of our FSC certified wood panels !