The factory is located in north-eastern Italy 40 km from the city of Venice. 30000m² equipped with latest generation machines and tools in order to meet the needs of our customers thanks to the work of more than 250 employees since 1980.

Our role is to support traders and “retailers” in their development. It is for this reason that we have opened offices in the heart of Paris in order to be closer to the French market. Our creation space equipped with a large material library allows us to start the dialogue between the customer and production with our design & sales office.

Nos équipes sont disponibles pour répondre à tous les besoins. Notre particularité est de laisser le choix au client d’organiser son projet et de nous confier tout ou partie de son agencement. Pour faciliter l’accessibilité à des meubles professionnels à haut degrés de personnalisation nous avons  mis en place un E-shop vendant des articles crées pour être design et fonctionnels tout en gardant un prix doux.

Our teams are available to meet all needs. Our particularity is to leave the choice to the client to organize his project and to entrust us with all or part of its store layout. To facilitate accessibility to professional furniture with high levels of customization, we have set up an E-shop to sell items created to be design and functional while keeping a low price.

We are aware that each client wishes to control and organize their budget. This point directly impacts the profitability of points of sale. It is for this reason that we offer funding for each project over 3, 4 or 5 years with the possibility of deducting the investment from corporate tax as an expense. Thanks to this financing method, we offer the customer the possibility of optimizing his cash flow and thus directing his resources towards the purchase of stock or leases during network development.

Any great story begins with a meeting, so come and push our door, you are welcome !

"Details are not details. They make the design"

Charles Eams